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Saturday, August 30th

Wheat Pasting posters that promote the People’s Climate March on September 21st.


1.    Packard Plant – East Grand Blvd  (2 pm)

2.    Public Pool –  3309 Caniff Ave, Hamtramck   (3:30 pm)


3.   Holding House – 3546 Michigan Ave (pasting on September 1st)


4.   Livonia Yoga Studio – 19159 Merriman Rd ( Sunday, Sep. 7, 4pm:  yoga and meditation to support the March )


Looking for:

outdoor locations (walls) with visibility and permission granted, art  to accompany the six screen printed posters from Just Seeds, people to come out and support the pastings, people to spread the word.

Contact: Kinga (ocelotps@gmail.com)